Flying Display

Student Day


: Giving a series of special lectures and field program on future industry including aerospace industry to provide insights and visions to the future generation


: 20 October (Dedicated Student Day) / 21-22 October (Public Day)

Invitation to

: Primary, secondary school students as well as college students


- Lectures

Date Program Time Venue
20 Oct (Fri) • Special Lecture: Vocation in Aviation Industry (Pilot)
- Mechanism of aircraft/Prospects of becoming a pilot
Session 1: 10:30~11:30
Session 2: 14:30~15:30
Seminar Room #1
• Special Lecture: Vocation in Aviation Industry (Aircraft Mechanic)
- History of Aircraft Development
- Introduction of Aerospace Industry and Its Prospects
- Jobs and Job Requirements in Aerospace Industry
Session 1: 13:00~14:00
Session 2:16:00~17:00
20 Oct (Fri) • Career Roadmap 10:00~10:30 Student Day Venue

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• Lecture in Immersive Imagery Contents 13:20~13:50
• Prospects of VR Industry and Career 14:20~14:50
• Future Value of Technology-based Exhibition Industry 15:20~15:50
• Designing future through Robotics Education 16:20~16:50

- Experience Program

Date Program Time Venue
20 Oct (Fri) • Experiencing aircraft repair:
- Indirect experience of aircraft repair by scrapping and re-assembling a clock.
10: 30 ~ 17:00 Seminar Room #1
• Experiencing NDI (non-destructive inspection)
- Experiencing various inspection equipment
• Experiencing aircraft piloting
- Simulator experience
20-22 Oct
(Fri. - Sun.)
• Hyper Dome HD2
- Virtual experience: as if the audience is in the outer space
Student Day Venue
• VR CUBE Experience
- Virtual experience of future aerospace industry career
• Making STEAM aircraft
• Lego Robot Experience

※ No quota is set for each program, but some program may require long-hours of waiting.