How to Get There

There is no parking lot at the exhibition site,
so please park your car at the outside parking lot.

Shuttle Bus

Date & Time

: 21st ~ 22nd Oct. / 07:30∼18:30

Outside Parking Lot

: The Sejong Institute, Gachon University, Dong Seoul University, Seongnam City Hall, Tancheon Sports Complex

Shuttle Bus Line

: 5 lines (Red/Violet/Green/Blue/Orange Line)

Line 1 (Red Line)
Exhibition Site → Moran Station Exit 10 → Taepyeong Station Exit 6 → Exhibition Site

Line 2 (Violet Line)
Exhibition Site → Dong Seoul University Main Gate → Gachon University Main Gate → Exhibition Site

Line 3 (Green Line)
Exhibition Site → Sejong Institute → Exhibition Site

Line 4 (Blue Line)
Exhibition Site → Segok Intersection → Seoul Airport Gate 1 → Exhigition Site

Line 5 (Orange Line)
Exhibition Site → Tancheon Sports Complex → Seongnam City Hall → Exhibition Site

Line 1 Bus Stop Information

Moran Station (Line 8) Exit No. 10

Taepyeong Station (Bundang Line) Exit No. 6

Line 2 Bus Stop Information

Gachon University Main Gate

Dong Seoul University Main Gate

Line 3 Bus Stop Information

The Sejong Institute Main Gate

Line 4 Bus Stop Information

Segok Intersection

Line 5 Bus Stop Information

Tancheon Sports Complex

Seongnam City Hall