Category Fee Age Limit
Onsite Pre-Book (~Oct.8th) Group (Over 30)
Business Day(October 17th ~ 20th) ₩25,000 ₩20,000 ₩20,000 Over 19

※ On 17th morning, visitors won't be allowed to enter exhibition site because of Opening Ceremony.

Notice for admission

- Trade visitors who do not have Official Invitation Card have to purchase ticket.

- In case trade visitors do not register on-line in advance, they have to register at the onsite registration desk to get trade visitor badge.

- Trade visitor badges are not issued in advance and trade visitors who register on-line can collect their badges at the registration center.

- During Business Day (Oct. 17th~20th), only trade visitors will be allowed to enter the exhibition site and under 19 years old minors will be restricted.

(Oct. 20th, Student Day is exception.)

- Visitors who are interested in Public Day (Oct. 21st~22nd), they have to purchase Public Day ticket. Please look over Public Visitors Website.

Prohibited and Restricted Items in Exhibition Area

- No Food or Drink allowed.

- Weapons or items which may be used as weapons

Guns & firearms, toys, toy weapons(if not realistic replicas), swords, martial arts, explosive materials, ammunition, flammable liquid, compressed gas cylinders, shocking devices, stun guns, darts, realistic replicas of incendiaries, bullets, throwing stars, blasting caps, etc.

- Flammable or explosive items that may cause serious injury

Explosive materials, ammunition, fireworks, flares(in any form), lighter fluid(quantity restrictions), lighter(quantity restrictions), liquefied petroleum gas(butane gas), aerosol(any except for personal care or toiletries in limited quantities), disabling chemicals, flammable items, poisons, etc.

- Items which are expected to be hazardous & other restricted items

Pets, alcoholic liquors, gun lighters, batteries, toy transformer guns (decomposition required), hair spray, swiss army knives, razor-type blades, nail clippers, etc.

We are performing X-ray investigation to ensure all of your safety during exhibition. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding in advance.