Press Badge

Press Guide

- Press Badge Application form is to issue Press Badge that allows an entry of the Site during the Press Day (Oct. 16th 10:00~12:00), and Press Center during the show period (Oct. 17th ~ 22nd). Please check the date you will attend.

- Press Badge will be issued only to press-related personnel for coverage and reporting of Seoul ADEX 2017.

※ Due to the Opening Ceremony on Oct. 17th, 2017, news collection can be restricted and detailed schedule will be posted.

- Press Badge will available to collect from registration counter in the exhibition hall.

※ Press who attends for Press day, please collect press badge from press center.

- Press Badge will not be re-issued if lost and press badge will recall if it is using by strangers.

- The parking lot at the exhibition is limited in coverage by a separate inquiry to the public relation team for the parking pass.

- The approval will take three to four days.

- If you have any concerns, please feel free to send e-mail to .

Confirmation of press badge

On-line Press Badge request has been finished.
Please request Press Badge at service center of ADEX entrance by submitting name card(or journalist ID card) and passport.