Seminar Information

International Defense Industry Symposium


: October 19, 2017 (Thu) /14:30-16:30


: ADEX Seminar Room at Seongnam Airfield


: Korean Defense Industry Wave That Leads the International Defense Industry’s Cooperation in Asia


: Government/Army officials, defense industry practitioners, defense industry experts,
                           foreign attachés etc.


: Korea Association of Defense Industry Studies (KADIS) / Sponsor: Defense Aquisition
                            Program Administration (DAPA), Korea Defense Industry Association

Opening Ceremony (14:30–15:00)

Opening Address

: Chae Wooseok, President of KADIS

Welcome Speech

: Baek Seungjoo, congressman

Keynote Speech

: Jeon Jeiguk, Minister of DAPA

Presentation & Discussion (15:00-16:30)


: General Lee Seoyoung, the former US defense attaché (army general)

Presentation 1

:Director Yoon Changmoon, DAPA Export Promotion Division
                             Topic: Korea’s Defense Industry Export Policy and Direction of International Cooperation

Presentation 2

: Dr. Kim Jeongmin, International Tengri Institute
                             Topic: Direction of International Relations and Defense Industry Cooperation in Asia

Presentation 3

: Professor Shashi Bhushan Bharti, SolBridge International School of Business
                             Topic: Measure for India and Korea’s Defense Industry Cooperation

Designated Discussion

: Professor Jamiyan Battur, National University of Mongolia
- OOO Indonesian government representative (in negotiation)
- OOO Military officer of Myanmar Defense Agency (in negotiation)
- Reporter Lee Junghoon of Dong-A Ilbo

Closing Ceremony (16:30)