Ad and Sponsor

About Ad and Sponsor

- This is the information about ad and sponsor designed to effectively support marketing activities of exhibitors during the Seoul ADEX 2017.

- Please refer to the Catalogue for detailed information.

Sponsorship & Advertisement Table

Category Price(USD) Category Price(USD)
Sponsorship Official Opening Reception 30,000 Advertisement Exhibitor Directory 7,000~2,000
Advertisement Official Press Day 15,000 Entrance & Exit Gate 20,000
Acrobatic Display 30,000 WallAd 10,000~5,000
Tram 15,000 Ceiling Banner 10,000~5,000
LED Screen Ad 10,000 Footprints 10,000
T-Type Street Banner 30,000 Dirctional Signage 10,000
Official Invitation Card 10,000 Official Trade Show Bag 10,000
Lanyard of Trade Visitor Badge 10,000 Information Tower 5,000
Show Guide 10,000 Registration Desk 5,000
Flight Display Program 10,000 On-site Billboard 4,000
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