How to Apply

Apply to Exhibit

Application Procedures

Things to know

About the Application Form

- The application form has to indicate the exact amount of the participation fee and contain the signature of the person in charge.

- The application form with the signature will become legally effective once exhibitors submit it to the organizer.

- With the signature on the application form, the organizer will consider that exhibitors are fully understood and agreed to abide by the Exhibition Participation Regulation and General Regulation listed on the second page of the application form.

Alteration to Agreement

- Any alteration of the application must be discussed with the organizer in advance.

Participation Fee

- Invoices will be sent to exhibitors after co-organizing office receives the application form.

- All exhibitors must make payment by due date below.

-Participation fee can only be made by wire transfer.

Payment Due Date

Registration Payment
By March 31st, 2017 - 50% initial payment until March 31st, 2017
- 50% remaining balance by June 30th, 2017
※ Early Bird Discount
From April 1st, 2017 - 50% payment within 2 weeks after receiving invoice
- 50% remaining balance by June 30th, 2017
From April 1st, 2017 - 100% payment with application

Booth Allocation

- Booth allocation is made on a first-come-first-serve basis after the due date of Early Bird Discount only when at least 50% of payment has been made for participation.
- Exhibitors can consult with the organizer regarding their participation scale and exhibits categories.


- The exhibitors can withdraw their participation in case of a financial loss from cancellation or delay of the Seoul ADEX 2017 due to inevitable reasons and the organizer will refund the rest of participation fee after deducting expenses and investment costs for the exhibition.

- However, if the exhibitors wish to cancel their participation because of their own inevitable reasons, exhibitors will be under the penalty as indicated below.
※ 50% of participation fee - Before Jun. 30th, 2017
※ 100% of participation fee – From Jul. 1st, 2017

Booth Information & Price

Category Unit(s) Price (USD) Detail
Before 3/31 After 4/1
Indoor Exhibition
Shell scheme
sqm 680 710 9sqm(Minimum)

Raw space
sqm 580 610 36sqm(Minimum)
Outdoor Exhibition Raw space sqm 250 250 9sqm(Minimum)
Chalet Single 1 Unit 87,450 89,100 126sqm + 36sqm(balcony)
Double 2 Units 160,050 161,700 252sqm + 72sqm(balcony)
Triple 3 Units 232,650 234,300 378sqm + 108sqm(balcony)
Multiple (n > 3) N Units 75,350 x n 77,000 x n 126x(n)sqm+36x(n)(balcony)
Aircraft & Ground Equipment Exhibition up to 1 Ton(s) 1,200
1 < n < =3 1,500
3 < n < = 10 2,000
10 < n < = 25 2,500
25 < n < = 40 3,500
40 < n < = 60 5,500
n > 60 7,500

- The application form must be turned in and the contract must be signed with 50% payment submitted by March 31st, 2017 to qualify for ‘Early Bird Rates’. If any of them are not accomplished, early bird rate will be modified to regular rate with prior notice to the exhibitor.

- Shell scheme includes fascia, carpet, 1 information desk, 2 folding chairs, 1 wastepaper basket, cleaning service and electricity (1kW per 9㎡ )

- The cost of Reception Chalet includes billboard ad in front of the Chalet.

- Exhibitors who want to have an outdoor exhibit must consult with the organizer in advance.