Category Date Hours Venue
Official Events Press Day Oct. 16th (Mon) 10:00~12:00 Seoul Airport
Opening Reception Oct. 16th (Mon) 18:00~20:30 -
Opening Ceremony Oct. 17th (Tue) 10:00~12:00 Seoul Airport(Exhibition Site)
Trade Day Oct. 17th (Tue) ~ 22nd (Sun) 09:30~17:00
(17th 13:00 ~ 17:00)
Public Day Oct. 21st(Sat) ~ 22nd (Sun)
Demo Flight &
Aerial Acrobatic
Demonstration flight & Aerial acrobatic Oct. 17th (Tue) ~ 22nd (Sun) TBA
Other events
Seminars Conferences & Seminars Seminar List

※ On 17th, visitors can enter the exhibition site after 1pm because of Opening Ceremony.
※ It is subject to change without notice